The name of the association is “International Woodworking and Furniture Supplier Magazines’ Association”, shortly FSM. FURNITURE SUPPLY MAGAZINE’S ALLIANCE. The foundation date, place: 17 October 2010, Istanbul. The central office is the office of the actual president and change in conjunction with the change of the president.


Among the main purposes of FSM, there are to create a synergy and a systematic solidarity between the magazines addressing to the woodworking, semi finished products and other furniture supplier industries; to provide healthy and accurate flow of information between the global markets and to exchange articles, reports, news and advertisements.


FSM members can only be B2B magazines that are published to address at least to one of the following industries: Timber, woodworking, furniture supplies, semi finished products, machinery & tools industries as well as all related equipment and materials to produce furniture.
The member magazines should be published physically for more than 2 years and at least four issues per year.
The member magazines are supposed to be the best ones in each country following the criteria of content quality, circulation and representational ability of the market
Only one magazine from one country can be the member of FSM.
FSM has 3 kinds of membership: Founding members, acquired members and
The founding members of the association are those who were present in the founding meeting held in 17 October 2010 in Istanbul and who approved to be the founding members of the association.
FSM has 13 founding members. These are: The 13 founding members of FSM are Asora Wood & Technology (Argentina), Supplier Woodworking Magazine (Australia), L'Echo des Bois (Belgium), Mobile Fornecedores (Brazil), Dmt (Bulgaria), Lignum (Chile), El Mueble y la Madera (Colombia), Material + Technik Möbel (Germany), Epipleon (Greece), Xylon (Italy), Porte (Mexico), Mobilya (Turkey) and Furniture Technologies (Ukraine).
All magazines (other than these ones) which will be elected by the general assembly as FSM members are called “acquired members”. In order to be able an acquired member of FSM, first a magazine should be recommended by another member or directly should have an application by their representatives for this purpose. If the board decide that this magazine meets the membership criteria, then invite it to the general assembly. To be voted in a general assembly, a representative from this magazine should be present there and should make a brief presentation before being voted. If this magazine get the absolute majority (more than half) of the members who are present at the yearly general assembly, it will be elected as an acquired member of FSM. The general assembly may approve or reject the membership of any application or may decide to keep the applicant magazine as the candidate member for one more year in order to collect detailed information enough to decide about it. A magazine that is rejected once may apply again for the membership almost for 3 times, but not before two years from the last request.
As an exception for the first year, some publications which expressed their willingness to be a future member of the association but which were not able to attend the foundation meeting, are all considered automatically as the first candidate members of FSM and will be invited by the board to attend the second general assembly. In this meeting that will be held in 2011, -if nobody else from their country will not apply for FSM membership - they will be the first acquired members by the approval of the assembly unless they are not absent there. In case of other applications from the same country, the members who will be present in the second general assembly of FSM, will vote for them to choose the one which will be the first acquired members. You'll find the list of first candidate magazines in the temporary articles of the constitution, No: 44 and 45
Before being an acquired member, all those magazines are considered as candidate magazines. There may be several candidate members from the same country but only one of them can be elected as an acquired member.

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